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Confused? Don’t be, I’ll explain.

If you’ve been following my writing then you probably know that I rarely write about anything serious, let alone get involved in politics (ick!), but my bubble of naivety was recently burst and I’m kind of pissed off about it. I’ll be the first to admit that I grew up living by the expression ‘ignorance is bliss,’ always doing my best to avoid watching the news or reading newspapers. Why? Well, the news is really fucking depressing, that’s why. Kids drown in pools, students bring assault rifles to schools, Trump’s a liar, Hilary’s a liar, ISIS sucks, the Mets lose, bakeries refuse to make cakes for gay weddings, some virus or another is spreading, and people won’t stop killing each other. I’d rather just not hear about it.

Now, however, the world seems to have changed. Somehow by Trump being elected president it has become okay for certain people to come out of hiding. People I didn’t realize still existed. Extreme racists, sexists, antisemites, homophobes, Islamophobes, misogynists, and the goddamn KKK.

Okay, so I knew they existed, but not to the extent that reality has demonstrated and certainly not in New York. People like that only exist in the whitewashed cities of the Midwest where ignorance is the norm or down south where you hear stories about segregation but don’t actually believe them.

Or at least that’s what I thought before my bubble burst. But my opinion was likely birthed from the fact that I’m white and I was raised Catholic and I don’t identify as a lesbian or trans or really anything that would cause someone like that to fear my uniqueness. Except, of course, my strong feminist opinions and my, umm, over-the-top (yet rightful) response to sexual harassment and assault. That tends to upset people. And by people, I mean the barbaric men who think it’s okay to grab my ass or stick their hand down my shirt without my permission and end up on the floor cupping their balls while screaming in agony.

So while part of me is terrified that important women’s rights are on the chopping block, another part of me is so excited to be part of such an important part of history. My protective bubble might be popped and it sucks but it also has opened my eyes to the many injustices that require our attention. Maybe it’s time more people have their bubbles popped as well.

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