The ChinUp Might Not Be As Useless As I Originally Thought…

Recently I wrote a piece about MTV reality star Farrah Abraham’s poor choices in an article for The Richest, one where I specifically mentioned her constant promotion of body modification which included the use of a product called the ChinUp Mask. The mask is intended to be an alternative to cosmetic surgery for those who want to reduce the look of their “double chin” while also hydrating the skin. The head of marketing at the company contacted me shortly after my article was published, perhaps because I said some not-so-great things about their product. Here’s what I wrote, as likely you’ll be too lazy to scroll through the article:

Farrah doesn’t just take her clothes off for money, it seems she’ll do just about anything for a paycheck. Not exactly the best role model for her impressionable daughter, but I suppose whatever pays the bills. Hilariously, she posted pictures of herself wearing a strange looking chin strap that is designed to replace plastic surgery and give the user a facelift. The “Chin Up Mask” claims to change your face’s appearance in just thirty minutes, and once again, Farrah received backlash from the public over her constant promotion of body modifications. Clearly it was posted to her social media followers as a paid advertisement, and she was criticized for choosing to promote a product that is clearly nonsense.

Admittedly, I called the product “nonsense” before I’d even tried it, assuming that it couldn’t possibly do what it claimed. Perhaps I felt it was just too good to be true. In order to prove my words wrong, I was sent my very own ChinUp to try, and I jumped at the opportunity to check it out. I’m sure you’re just dying to know what my results were, and I have to admit, it actually worked!

Each time I used the ChinUp mask, I lost 2 cm to my chin. While this might not sound like an insane amount, I wouldn’t say that I had much of a double chin to begin with. I loved how the mask made my face feel afterwards, firm and smooth. I saved the second mask they sent me for when I was due for a visit from Aunt Flow, to help my face appear less bloated, ultimately reducing my desire to curl up in a ball and avoid human contact until she hit the road.

 So to wrap this up, here are a few things you can expect when trying the ChinUp Mask:

  • Slight disappointment after measuring your chin and seeing how big it has become over the years

  • That you will fall in love with the scent of the masks

  • Itching and a small amount of irritation while wearing the mask
  • Some seriously hilarious selfies
  • And most importantly, you can expect results that last for a few days

No, this isn’t going to completely change your face like a facelift will, but if the plastic surgeons who work on celebrities still haven’t figured out how to perform a facelift that provides natural looking results, what makes you think the surgeon you found on Groupon offering a great price will?

My rating: 4/5
Cons: Pricey
Would I use it again? HELL YES!