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Farrah Abraham Spews Racist Comments On Marriage Boot Camp

As the argument escalates, the Teen Mom OG star disturbingly tells Paula that she will send her photos while she's fucking her son. Ummm...okay, Farrah. But she doesn't stop there...

If you’re not a reality show addict like myself, then you might have missed tonight’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition where we got to witness a pretty nasty argument between Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham and former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s mother, Paula. The two have a history of disagreements throughout filming of the show as Paula is a raging alcoholic and Farrah likes to add her twisted and heartless opinions to conversations she’s not included in.

So, when Paula is upset, talking to one of the doctors about giving up on her relationship with her son, Farrah decides it’s the appropriate time to add her two cents and starts talking about what great therapy they’re receiving by listening to Paula’s rant. Paula comes back at her by calling her trailer trash, which Farrah responds to by lifting some kind of ceramic decorative plate off the table and lifting it over her head to demonstrate that she can get trashy if she needs to.

As the argument escalates, the Teen Mom OG star disturbingly tells Paula that she will send her photos while she’s fucking her son. Ummm…okay, Farrah. But she doesn’t stop there. She then crosses the line in a big way, and I’m wondering what you all think about it. After calling Paula trash a few dozen times, Farrah then decides to use throw racism in the mix, calling her a “disgusting black piece of shit” several times.

The porn star has yet to face any repercussions even apologize for what was said, however, they could have possibly saved that for next weeks episode. Paula didn’t make herself look any better though as she decided to hit Farrah’s mother Debra, who missed the whole debacle, on her way up the stairs and then later spit on her. Kendra Wilkinson, who’s on the show with her mother, also found the statements extremely offensive and threatened to walk off set.

This isn’t the first time Farrah has been accused of being racist. Last year she commented on an Instagram photo of Blac Chyna calling her a “fuckin monkey.”

Did anyone else catch the episode tonight? What are your thoughts?

*Image credits: weTV.com, People.com

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