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Khloe Kardashian’s Tips To Look “Thin AF” In Photos Are Just Fecking Ridiculous

Tips for looking skinny coming from a pregnant woman shouldn't even be a thing. You're pregnant. It's okay to look like it. 

While I’m hardly one to keep up with the Kardashians, Khloe’s tips to “Look Thin AF in Pics” don’t exactly fit in with the conversation women are having today about their bodies. Today’s woman doesn’t need to look thin in pictures or elsewhere, as we know that this isn’t what determines our happiness. Today’s woman goes braless more often than not, has embraced their face without makeup, and is standing up against sexism and sexual assault.

Most likely Khloe didn’t even write this garbage or any of the other nonsense on her website, which you shouldn’t bother trying to read unless you pay the subscription fee to her “publication.” Regardless, she should still monitor what gets published when her name is in the byline and tips to looking skinny coming from a pregnant woman shouldn’t even be a thing. You’re pregnant. It’s okay to look like it. 

Since you’re likely not going to pay just to read the article everyone’s hating on, here are a few of the ridiculous suggestions she makes:

Only allow your photographer to shoot from above. It’s the only flattering angle. If they shoot from beneath, you might as well have had like ten cheat days in a row!

First of all, photographer? If only we could all afford such luxuries! And my second point is, well, duh. This is common knowledge to anyone who has taken a selfie. Why write the article if you have nothing new to add to the topic?

Wear black or vertical stripes. Avoid horizontal stripes and prints if you plan to be within a mile of a camera. They add instant bulk.

Or, wear whatever the fuck you want. As long as you rock it with confidence, no one is going to question it.

Make your arms and shoulders werk. Hands on hips. Bonus points if you angle sideways and use your camera-facing arm. Shoulders back and away from ears. Always.

Yes, pose! Who knew posing for a photo would give you better results?! Did I forget to mention that her article started with a promise to increase the amount of attention you receive on Instagram?

My tips really work, too! Study up below and get ready for your Insta comments to blow the f**k up, lol!

Hashtag goals, right? Understandably, this article faced backlash when it was shared on Twitter, as women feel she should be using her Kardashian name to promote a healthier lifestyle instead. Khloe’s article was especially surprising to her fans as she’s usually all about body positivity and has become an inspiration to curvy girls.

Instead of focusing on how you look in selfies and other pictures, focus more on taking pictures of yourself doing the things you love. Whether it’s dancing in the club, traveling the world, or reading a book, it’s these moments where your beauty will be impossible to ignore no matter what size you are.

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