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5 Fast Facts About The $2,000 Mansplaining Convention For Women

Vaginas all over the country are drying up as news about a debut seminar that promises to “Make Women Great Again” spreads. Hosted by 21 Studios, which is basically an educational program for men that teaches misogyny and toxic masculinity, The 22 Convention pledges to be “the mansplaining event of the century.” No, this is not a joke.

Here are some fast facts that will certainly piss you off about this absurd event:

1. Attendees MUST Have Vaginas

The 22 Convention

The 22 Convention website describes this seminar as a three day event led by men, intended only for “natural born women.” Ladies who purchase a ticket (for a whopping $1,999) are welcome to bring a friend at no additional cost, which is absolutely a marketing ploy designed to help spread their anti-feminist message.

If attendees choose to bring their boyfriend or husband along for the weekend, there will be a separate 21 Studios convention for men in the same venue. How convenient! What woman doesn’t want her man to learn how to be MORE of a sexist prick?

2. Exact Location Is On The DL

The 22 Convention

Likely to prevent angry mobs from showing up and interrupting their event, the venue hosting The 22 Convention is only being revealed to ticket holders. All the website reveals as of today is that it will take place in Orlando, Florida. Why am I not surprised?

3. It’s All The Feminists’ Fault

The 22 Convention

Surprise surprise! The geniuses behind this event blame feminists for our country’s most significant issues including “divorce, depression, dysfunction, and America at the #1 spot in the world for single motherhood.” Apparently, feminism means women are becoming more masculine and acting like men, and the results are detrimental to the male ego.

So much so, that they felt it necessary to offer this convention to teach women how to be women again. SERIOUSLY. This seminar intends to reveal what “unhealthy militant feminists have been hiding from you your entire life.” I can’t wait to hear what that’s all about!

4. Learn How To Become Wife Material And Make Babies

The 22 Convention

According to their website, the three-day seminar will consist of numerous speeches and events designed specifically to teach women how to be women again. And who better to teach these ladies how their gender should look and act than a group of severely unqualified men?

Here’s what women attending The 22 Convention can expect to learn from their experience:

  • Learn “what men and women of prior generations FAILED to teach you as a direct result of feminist meddling and sabotage.”
  • Learn “how to have as many babies as your heart desires with the time you have left and bounce back to amazing health and wellness without extreme diets or stress. The clock is ticking and your babies are soon to be kicking!”
  • “Learn the secrets of becoming the ultimate ‘wife material’ in today’s hyper-competitive, dystopian, sexual marketplace of Photoshop, camera angles, and cheap sugar baby sexuality.”
  • “Learn the truth about submission, dominance, and functional, healthy relationships that respect your nature as a woman.”
  • “…learn how to be fit for life through daily choices, not some extreme program or insane effort level that’s impossible to sustain.”

5. Speakers Will Shame Attendees Into Submission

The 22 Convention

If the speeches at The 22 Convention are anything like the content on their website, attendees can expect to receive a slew of degrading facts thrown in their face meant to shame women.

Here are just a few quotes taken from this seminar’s description:

“Over 80 million women in America today are overweight or obese.”

Yes, that’s true but so what? Why does this matter? Well, according to these men, “…being sick and obese (a recognized disease in modern medicine) is not beautiful … Men admire healthy, fit women.”

FYI, there are more overweight and obese MEN in the United States than women according to most recent reports. Also, heterosexual men are known to be attracted to women of all shapes and sizes, so the rest of that quote is just rubbish.

“America is officially the #1 country on the planet for unwed single motherhood after a dramatic rise in recent decades. “

This is accurate, as 17.2 million kids in the United States are being raised by single mothers. According to The 22 Convention, “feminist anti-motherhood propaganda” is to blame.

It has NOTHING to do with the fact that our society finds it acceptable for men to walk away from the children they’ve created. It has NOTHING to do with the lack of affordable and accessible birth control for women. It has NOTHING to do with men feeling that birth control isn’t their responsibility. I could go on but you get the point.

“Generations of women have been lied to with ‘you can have it all’, a clever way of tricking them into de-prioritizing motherhood until ~90% of their eggs are dead by 30.”

Everything about this statement is just wrong. Eggs don’t actually die, they become less suitable for fertilization. A woman’s fertility gradually decreases throughout her life and by the time they reach the age of 30, a healthy woman has a 20 percent chance of getting knocked up each month. This is hardly a decline from a healthy woman in her mid-twenties who has a 25 to 30 percent chance of getting pregnant each month.

Secondly, feminism isn’t designed to de-prioritize motherhood. Feminism wants women to know they have a choice in the matter, and quite frankly, not all people should procreate anyway.

The Man Behind The Curtain

The 22 Convention
Photo of Anthony “Dream” Johnson (Yes, that seriously says “Men prefer debt free virgins without tattoos.)

So, who’s the man behind this monstrosity? His name is Anthony “Dream” Johnson, self-proclaimed president of the “Manosphere” and founder of The 21 Convention. (He founded The 21 Convention when he was just 17-years-old, which is likely when he also came up with the Twitter handle @BeachMuscles.)

Johnson has (understandably) received a ton of negative feedback on social media and even some (likely uncredible) threats. He seems to love all of the attention though, as you can see in the statement he gave to Bored Panda:

“I enjoy building great things, making dreams come true, and triggering the [crap] out of people. I get to do that all at the same time with #22CON and #MWGA. I’ve also enjoyed posting photos and videos to upset the haters even more.”

Johnson truly feels that his teachings are essential to the survival of our country saying, “I’ll put this in very blunt terms: America has zero future with masculine women and feminine men. None. The consequence of not making women great again will be the total collapse of the American family this century and the resulting collapse of the USA.”

He even said that feminism “should be viewed and examined as a national security threat.” Ummm, delusional much?

The 22 Convention
Image source: 22convention.com

The 22 Convention has invited several anti-feminist (male) speakers who think they’re qualified to teach women how to be women. So far these include far-right activist Stefan Molyneux, writer Mike Cernovich who is best known for his claims that there is no such thing as rape, and Alexander J.A Cortes, a fitness guru who pissed-off the internet by creating an offensive list on “How to be a Beautiful Woman” by being skinny, shaving, and wearing pink.

It’s safe to say that this convention will be led by the shittiest of all shitty men. News of protests and such will likely be announced as we get closer to the event, so stay tuned and get your pink pussy hats ready! We have another battle against misogyny to prepare for.

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